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JH SafeRide

The Vehicle Escort Service (VES) program currently serving the Johns Hopkins East Baltimore community is slated to be replaced by JH SafeRide (powered by Lyft)

  • PHASE 1  - Effective August 1, 2018, the new Lyft-powered service will go into effect as a pilot program for all JHU pre-doctorate students of SOM, SON or JHSPH who live within a 1.5-mile radius of the JH East Baltimore medical campus and meet all eligibility requirements

NOTE:  The VES program (powered by the JHMI Transportation fleet) will continue as usual for all other eligible riders.  Any changes will be announced in advance.

JH SafeRide (*JHU Pre-doctorate Students of SOM, SON or JHSPH Only)

JHMI Vehicle Escort Service (*JHU and JHHS Faculty, Staff, Students and Trainees)

*Per each program's eligibility stipulations.

JH SafeRide  (JH-sponsored Lyft service)
 Powered by Lyft


In order to administer the JHSafeRide Program, Johns Hopkins will receive information related to the rides you take under this program from Lyft, which includes but is not limited to your name, the time of your rides, and the pick up and drop off locations.

Hours of Operation

5:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m., 7 Days


Who is eligible to use this service?  All JHU pre-doctorate students of SOM, SON or JHSPH who reside within a *1.5 mile radius from the JH East Baltimore medical campus per the home address listed in their school record.

  • Your home address must be within the boundary area and must match the address listed in your school record. 
  • A valid JHED ID is required.
  • A valid JH email address is required (example: "" or "").
  • Those who do not meet all eligibility requirements cannot use Lyft under the JH-sponsored program. 

*Based on GPS coordinates (radius centerpoint = 601 N. Broadway).

Benefits & Stipulations

  • Up to two (2) Lyft rides daily for a maximum of 42 free rides per calendar month 
  • Pick-up and drop-off locations must be within the established 1.5 mile perimeter and must be to/from a Johns Hopkins East Baltimore campus facility and to/from the home address listed in the student’s school record.
  • You must sign up with Lyft using your Johns Hopkins email address.  
  • Program participants will be responsible for any fees incurred for rides that do not meet the program criteria (no exceptions).  

How to Sign Up

All prospective users must register via the JH SafeRide portal per the instructions below.  All will be vetted for eligibility and must receive notification of approval before using the JH-sponsored Lyft service.   


  • Login to the JH SafeRide portal using your normal JH login information and follow the prompts:
  • You will receive notification of your eligibility status and further instructions if applicable. 
  • Information will be verified to ensure that applicants meet the eligibility requirements. 
  • Those who meet eligibility requirements will be enrolled:
    1. Your JH SafeRide account with Lyft can only be linked to your Johns Hopkins email address.  
    2. Every person who is approved will receive two (2) emails:
      • The first email will come from to confirm approval. 
      • The second email will come from Lyft providing instructions to start using your JH SafeRide credits.  Allow 24 hours to receive this email.  
    3. If you Do Not receive Lyft's instructional email with 24 hours of your initial JH approval email, you will need to submit for assistance as follows:  NOTE:  Approved users will not be able to use the JH SafeRide program benefits until all processing is completed.

For assistance/instruction, always submit your support requests here:   

NOTE:  If you are an active pre-doctoral student registered of SOM, SON or JHSPH​ and your local residence lies within the stipulated 1.5 mile boundary area, please make sure that your local Baltimore *address has been updated in the local address fields provided in the self-serve portal for your school: 

Self-Serve Portals

JH School of Medicine (SOM):
JH School of Public Health (JHSPH):
JH School of Nursing (SON):

Instructions on updating your local address in SIS

Please allow 24 hours for the self-serve updates to synch with the JH SafeRide sign-up portal.  In some cases, JH SafeRide approvals cannot be processed prior to the commencement of your school term.

 *Elligible students who have multiple Hopkins designations in JHED must also update their addresses in SAP.  This can be done via the HR ESS interface by logging into JHED (  For assistance with your address in SAP, contact Human Resources.    


Need Further Assistance?

  • Questions about your student record information?
    Contact the Registrar's Office for your school.
  • Questions about your JH SafeRide Lyft account? 
    Contact Lyft at
  • Questions about JH SafeRide eligibility or the JH SafeRide portal?  
    Contact JHMI Transportation Administration at or 410-614-1436.
    • Please include your JHED ID when emailing or leaving a voicemail message.




JHMI Vehicle Escort Service
 Powered by JHMI Transportation

The current Vehicle Escort Program (VES) powered by JHMI Transportation will remain in service until further notice for all eligible riders. 

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
4:00 p.m. - 12 midnight

Not In Service on holidays recognized by JHH 


Who is eligible to use this service?  All Johns Hopkins University and Health System faculty members, staff members, students and trainees who reside within the specified boundary area are eligible to request a ride.  A valid Johns Hopkins ID will be required.

Boundary Area

The vehicle escort service provides rides to and from the East Baltimore campus within the pilot boundaries (view map): 

  • Federal Street (north)
  • Eastern Avenue (south)
  • Ellwood Avenue (east
  • Harford Road (west)

Request a Ride

Call the Transportation Office at 410-502-6880 and provide the following information:

  • Your name (first and last)
  • Your Johns Hopkins ID badge number
  • Your Johns Hopkins JHED ID
  • Your pick-up and drop-off locations*
  • A telephone number where you can be reached

*The pick-up and drop-off locations must be within the boundaries noted above and must be to or from an East Baltimore campus facility.

Ridership Procedure

When the escort vehicle arrives, please display your valid Johns Hopkins ID badge to the driver prior to entering the vehicle.  Please allow additional time to be picked up or to reach your destination, as our drivers may have other passengers to pick up and drop off along the route.

Escort Vehicles

Escort vehicles can be identified by the blue sign on the front door which displays the Johns Hopkins logo and the words, “CORPORATE SECURITY ESCORT SERVICE.”


Other Information

As a reminder, Corporate Security runs other free courtesy shuttles. For more information on other services, please contact our Transportation Office at 410-502-6880 or visit

Don't forget, Corporate Security provides 24/7 walking escorts anywhere within campus boundaries. Please call 410-955-5585 to request a walking escort:



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